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What People Are Saying

“Martha Brahm and her son Matthew were our private chefs for my 70th birthday celebration at Waikoloa Beach Resort. There were 12 adults (6 are in the restaurant business) and 3 small children. All communications with Martha prior to the event were extremely prompt. 

She offered suggestions for our menu and was very flexible with ideas for the courses. 


Our menu was an assortment of hors d'oeuvres starting with coconut shrimp, smoked salmon, assorted  fruits which was a beautiful display of island delicacies. She and Matthew set up the hors d'oeuvres and later the buffet with a beautiful Hawaiian cloth and flowers. She supplied all the dishes which displayed the food beautifully. After the hors d'oeuvres was a plated and served salad all with local produce including local hearts of palm and goat cheese. 


The buffet courses were served at the perfect temperature and our beef tenderloin was cooked perfectly. It is impossible to describe the unique flavors of the main dishes with the delicate sauces on the side. Each was a culinary work of art. The desserts a fresh fruit tart and her macadamia caramel tart for which is well known were exquisite. The most incredible part of the evening's meal was a baked Alaska in the shape of a volcano which with a cordial on top was lighted. Everyone was in awe as they sang Happy Birthday.

Matthew acted as our server attending to our needs. When we were finished with the festivities, Martha and Matthew packed up all the dishes and the kitchen was spotless.

We cannot find all the right descriptors for the elegant meal Martha and Matthew prepared for us. They are truly a professional team with Martha being a CIA trained pastry chef. Everyone was in awe of the beautiful presentation of the food which was of the best locally-sourced quality.”


- Marilyn and Joe Downey -

Private catering client, after tasting our Chocolate Dipped Mac Nut Tart Sticks:

"This may just be the best thing I have ever tasted".


- Mike Shcroepfer, Facebook CTO -

“Miss Martha has the delicate Southern touch which brings a simple pie to grandness. Pies with hidden accents of lemon or spice, the unexpected and, most welcomed, surprises.

Savory or sweet, Martha's pies can't be beat, with subtle flavor she will flirt, to serve you up one fine dessert. I can go on and on.


- Marjorie Classen, HI -

"What is the secret ingredient? It’s a well-known fact that everything Hawaii Tart Company makes is truly delicious. Heavenly, really. Just ask anyone who has ever had the sublime pleasure of tasting one of their scrumptious creations. Whether it be a tasty Strawberry/Rhubarb Pie, a Gluten-Free Pizza, a Mac-nut Tart or their famous Cheese spread. Each one just as delicous as the next. But why?


What is it that makes them so special, so delicious? Could it be the fresh, locally-grown ingredients? Or maybe the light and flakey, hand-crafted crusts? The farm fresh butter and eggs? Maybe it’s the Holualoa water, surely that has something to do with this magical fare? Or perhaps it’s just that the sun is a little bit warmer here in Hawaii? Well, the answer is a resounding yes! Yes to all of the above!


But wait, that still doesn’t explain the real secret ingredient. So here ya go, the well-kept secret revealed, a little glimpse behind the curtain, that great mystery of the universe solved: It’s all that sweet and soulful Georgia love that chef and owner, Martha Brahm sprinkles so generously on everything she makes. Now that’s the real secret ingredient. Yum!"


- Charles Bennet, CA - 

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