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Wholesale Partners
Delight your customers with a taste of paradise.
For many people their visit to Hawaii is  among their most cherished memories.
For others,  it is one of their fondest dreams.
Our tarts are delicious examples  of the best Hawaii has to offer. It sells well in:

Gift Shops
Gourmet  Groceries
Coffee Shops
Gift Baskets

Our tarts are shelf stable for 6 months.  Our environmental responsible minimalist  packaging makes  for  reasonable shipping cost.
Wholesale prices are available with small minimums.
Check our vendor  page for examples of the types of store who have sold our products.

Here's what our vendors are saying:

Our customers love the Honey Caramel Macnut Tart from Hawaii Tart Co.  These gorgeous little shelf-stable tarts fit perfectly around our checkout area where they sell almost as quickly as we can stock them.  The presentation and packaging is lovely yet compact, allowing them to stack nicely while showing off the contents beautifully and making them ideal for storage and shipping!  Folks try one and get hooked and then have to share this delicious treat with friends and loved ones, wherever they live.  Everything from the crumbly shortbread crust to the creamy caramel and delicate macnut pieces make this tart irresistible and keeps our customers coming back for more.  The quality, taste, presentation, packaging, and superb shelf-life make this an absolute dream product for any retailer.

Catarina Zaragoza,  Locavore Store, Hilo

 Hawaii Tart Company's macadamia nut tart is a product that keeps bringing customers back. Once customers try this scrumptious treat they can't wait to buy it again!

Christine,   Christine's Deli, Kona

Hawaii Tart Co. is very proud to add Farm Link Hawai'i to our list of partners in Hawaii sourced and manufactured finer foods. We are thrilled that they have chosen to include us in their Oahu based bespoke offerings. Both Farm Link and Hawaii Tart Co. strive to support and empower local producers and vendors and our partnership seems tailored to do just that!

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