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Honey Caramel Macadamia Nut Tart

Artisan Hawaiian Tarts, Granola, Delectable Fruit and Savory Pies.


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What people are saying

We first tasted their Caramel Mac Nut Tarts in 2011, and now we can’t live without them.  They are truly amazing.  Everything is natural with caramel made of Hawaiian honey and fresh macadamia nuts.  They have become a family tradition.  Not only do we order them for ourselves, every year we buy them for our friends as Christmas gifts.  And every year we know they’ll tell us, “Don’t forget next year.”  Anyone who has ever had one of Hawaiian Tart Company’s Caramel Mac Nut Tarts will be addicted for life!

.                                                                                                                  Linda Dreher from Kona         

A bit of heaven crosses your tongue when you bite into a honey macadamia nut tart. “This is better than sex”, I whispered to my sister when she shipped one to me in Virginia for Christmas. The buttery, tender crust, the sweet and salty filling, the crunchy Mac nuts explode your taste buds. These tarts are the kind you may send for gifts but want to hoard them for yourself!!

Treat yourself!  You deserve it!!                                                                               Sandy Cryder from Virginia

"I was first introduced to Hawaii Tart Company's tarts and granola when Chef Martha and Matt were cooking for a group of us on a work trip to Hawaii (I can't rave enough about their cooking -- if you're looking for a private chef I highly highly recommend them!). Two years later and I'm still placing a regular order for both. Their macadamia nut tart is pure decadence and I've sent them as gifts to friends and colleagues to rave reviews.

Their granola has become one of my favorite snacks -- when I was pregnant, it was the only food I craved! You definitely can't go wrong with anything that comes out of Chef Martha and Matt's kitchen!" 

                                                                                                    Carrie Ryan, NYT Bestselling Author

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Weekly Market Menu
If you are lucky enough to be on the Big Island this week, 
Click here to see our local savory and fruit pie offerings.
We are at the the  Waimea Town Market every Saturday Morning from 7:30 -12.
You can find us at the Pie and Tart Booth near the front entrance. 
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